Monday, April 29, 2013

H&M Conscious Exclusive SS13

Apart from the 'regular' Conscious Collection, this spring H&M has launched a collection of more exclusive clothing that has been sustainably produced. Consisting primarily of evening gowns and matching accessories, these items are produced with more individual ornaments and are also priced higher than the usual H&M garment.

I was out browsing in H&M's biggest shop in Copenhagen (Strøget/Amagertorv) with best friend M the other day, and this is what I stumbled upon:

 Here's a lovely, heavily ornamented 50's looking dress complete with a matching box purse. I am trying to save some money at the moment, otherwise this purse most def was going to come with me. At retail price 250 Dkr it's a steal. (Made of recycled polyester).

Mannequins clad in the Conscious Exclusive collection.

 Something for the fellas....Conscious shoes in the men's department. Don't expect any barefoot feeling in this puppies though. ;)

Lovely kimono and matching loose pants. They look like silk, but are in fact recycled polyester. Price accordingly: only about 300 Dkr / piece.

And here I am, wearing the conscious item I ended up buying, it's a pale denim shirt made of Tencel with click on glass-colored buttons. Casual and comfy, also a color that fits anything (and, most importantly all the trousers I have planned wearing for this summer :) And speaking of trousers, note the pair I'm wearing; army colored organic cotton conscious pants with (a lot) of golden zippers. They're cropped, but on a shorter woman like me, they work perfectly as ancle-long pants.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Case story: Eco men's jacket

This is a challenge I accepted from my friend R, who is currently looking for a new jacket. Here follows a cool selection of eco-conscious men's winter/spring jackets, greenhunted by yours truly. Maybe you would love a free green styling for you, too? Drop me a line why you qualify in the comments section, and you just might get it! Love, Greenhunter

Shop Hemphoodlamb
Shop A Question Of
Shop @
Shop @


Funktionsjakke – fra H&M
BRICK LANE BIKES/CONSCIOUS COLLECTION. Jakke i vindtæt og vandafvisende, åndbar kvalitet. Jakken har aftagelig hætte med løbegang og tapede sømme. Åbning med lynlås i siderne og lufthuller under armene til ventilation. Brystlomme med velcrolukning og forlommer og en baglomme med klap og knaplukning. Meshstykke i ryggen og skulderparti med knaplukning. Elastikbånd indvendigt i ryggen, så jakken kan bæres som rygsæk. To indvendige lommer med knaplukning.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Eco Fashion World - search directory for ethical fashion

Today I stumbled upon a fantastic website, that makes it possible to search and browse through various brands and webshops that sell ethical fashion (why haven't I found this earlier??). The site is not information only, as the brands searchable have to pay to be included, however there is a huge amount of information and inspiration for you that want to find new interesting eco fashion to shop! Ethical categories include: Veganism, Ethically produced, Craft/Artisan, Custom, Fair Trade, Organic, Recycled, Vintage. Almost all these are welcome alternatives to regular fashion production, that has great negative impact on the environment, lives of the people producing it and the health of the users. Search, browse and get inspired! Happy shopping :)