Advertising on Greenhunter


Greenhunter wishes to promote all businesses and manufacturers who are making a difference 

- You match our audience if you are:
* making sure to respect the human rights of your employees / sourcers
*utilizing organically grown or otherwise sustainably grown materials
*working hard on minimizing your environmental impact
*trying to make a difference with your business your way - let's hear your story!

We wish to share your story with the conscious consumer - and to help you engage in a dialogue with him that both will make his life more green - and your business more economically sustainable.

The possibilities in engaging with Greenhunter are following:

-Blogpost about your product / service: -> testing you product (free with product applying) or
 -> advertorial on you product (fixed one time fee)

-Advertizing banner on top of blog (fixed fee payable per month)

We are looking forward to hear from your, if this has your interest!


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