Monday, September 2, 2013

Green city: Aarhus, Denmark

I had the privilege of visiting the city of Aarhus last week with my family. A small and cozy danish city with a very high ratio of urban nature. Also, being the second-largest city in Denmark, Aarhus has a big selection of attractive cultural activites.

For Cultural Creatives like myself I would definitely recommend the modern art museum ARoS, also very popular with young children.

The rainbow walk, main attraction in ARoS

Aarhus was an imporant sea port back in the day

Selfie of the day: Sweater from Swap-market

Another important recommendation is the fabulous green lifestyle shop in the old city: Go Green Biksen. As can be seen in the photos, the shop carries all that is needed for a green everyday life, carefully selected for sustainability in the production. You don't see this kind of shop everywhere, so remember to stop by and support the cause!


For a small city, Aarhus has a strong sustainability profile. Every year the SustaIN Festival Aarhus is held in april. Also, the sustainability PR + communications company World Perfect is co-creating the North Side Festival every year; where eco-friendliness is a high priority.

GoGreen Aarhus is very usable app to find all the green shopping, experiences and restaurants in the city. With time, GoGreen Globe, that are behind it, hope to develop an app for all the cities in the world (now wouldn't that be awesome?).

Also in Aarhus you can find the unique experience of the dress-exchange shop Resecond, where members can swap as many dresses as they like when one's yearly fee is paid. 

Many of these initiatives are currently listed in a big sustainable transition competition and open source database Vores Omstilling - launched by the Danish media. So (Danes) take a look at the webpage and remember to vote for your favourites, or/and to join i initiatives that you want to contribute to!

PS - oh and for kids, Skansen playground as well as the Natural History Museum are a jackpot!

If you ever swing by Denmark, remember to visit the green and cozy city of Aarhus.

Love <3 Greenhunter 

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