Monday, July 22, 2013

Swap Market in Copenhagen June 2013

This summer in Copenhagen a new sustainable trend has come to life. It's called SWAP MARKETS and it can be described as a mash up of a flea market and the swapping booth found in recycling stations.
This concept is absolutely ingenious and here is how it works: We all have quite a lot of stuff at home that we don't use or use very infrequently (don't we?). And while it's not broken it may also have some affection value, so we just keep it laying around, cluttering our personal space.
But don't despair! A swap market is the solution for both de-cluttering as well as creating a more stable (circular) economy where we don't senselessly buy and throw away things.
And it is simple: a market is set on a fixed day and location by the volunteer swap market staff. They provide all the physical surroundings; tables, chairs, coffee + tea and even a band! Then you show up with all the stuff you don't need anymore and place it on the tables by category: women's clothing, kids' clothing, kitchen stuff, books, electronics, etc.
And then you walk around and TAKE anything you want or need! It's that awesome!! The pictures following are taken at a swap market in Frederiksberg, where Flaskedrengene who are (very fittingly) playing on empty bottles gave a rocking performance! You might think: how good can they be playing acoustically on just bottles but trust me: they were very good! They covered materials from Toto to Rihanna and it sounded great.
So now if you are curious of when the next market will be or want to participate as a volunteer to be a part of making Denmark a more sustainable place check out their blog.

Flaskedrengene (The Bottleneck Boys) giving it up!

Lots of outdoor swapping booths and perfect weather

There was focus on recycling with an exibition 
inside the premises

Dresses had been made out of recycled materials 
and were auctioned away
Here is my catch of the day: 3 pairs of cool plastic shoes,
 as well as a neck tube made of cotton.
 I am wearing a H&M Conscious Collection SS 13 playsuit.
For my son
For my daughter