Friday, December 20, 2013

Guldsmeden Hotels - Supreme Eco Hosting

Together with my blogteam Shine like a STAR, I was invited to a luxurious organic brunch at the Axel Hotel Guldsmeden in Copenhagen.  I must say I was very impressed - being a green blogger I feel that I have quite a large knowledge of the sustainable businesses, especially around Denmark.

However, prior to that day, Guldsmeden Hotels hadn't been something I had noticed - even though the visit showed an extraordinary commitment to sustainability in the whole hotel's vision as well as mission.

The restaurant alone has a 'The golden Ø' - a label given by the state of Denmark to restaurations serving 90-100% organic food and beverages. A label that very (very) few other places can show off so far in Denmark!

The hotel itself has a very charming, natural atmosphere, furnished by as sustainable objects as possible, all the beauty products used in the SPA and bathrooms were of course organic and natural, their electricity was provided by Natur-Energi (same as mine at home), they are trying hard to minimize food waste, they serve tap water not bottled water, the textiles used in their SPA and bathrooms are organic from the danish company Organic Company.

Also, a very important part of the business plan, is that they treat their employees very well, and make sure that the people working there have the interest for the same vision of sustainability, Guldsmeden wishes to promote. A very socially sustainable step!

Guldsmeden has hotels all over the world, all of them sharing the same vision - so take a peek at the site Guldsmeden Hotels and see if it's there you will spend your next (eco) holiday!

I myself dream of coming to Bali one day, the good thing is Guldsmeden is running a Christmas competition on FB where the main prize is just that!

I wish you a stress-free pre-Christmas weekend - maybe you should stroll through the following beautiful interior pictures to calm your mind.

Love, Greenhunter

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Shop organic cotton at C&A - now on sale!

Hi guys! So I went for an afternoon stroll to the nearest city centre today - I am being an at home mom for the time being, so every day I try to take them somewhere to get these small legs and bodies moving.

As we passed the store C&A I noticed my favorite sign 'SALES' and took them inside right away -since I earlier had discovered that this chain carries styles made of organic cotton as well as a large collection of Oeko-tex marked items. 

As usual, the greatest amount of sales items was in the girls' departement, and I made some great deals with girls' tops in organic cotton for an average of CHF 5 on sale. (We live in Switzerland at the moment and the store is located in Oerlikon by Zürich.)

And what do you know - I even snatched an item for myself in organic cotton - it was the largest kid size and it fits!! I am an size european 40, it has its advantages not being tall sometimes ;)

The kids (aged 4 and 2) also selected something, this time it was pajamas, and even though not made of organic fabric, at least it was Oeko-tex 100.

So tell me - was this information useful to you - do you live near by any C&A outlets? And if you do, would you ever shop there, or is the store not sustainable enough for you? I like to shop there because the prices are very low, and I don't have an personal income at the time being.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, and recommendations for your favorite sustainable fashion outlet!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Greenhunter: Imagine if this healthy lifestyle results in new urban infr...

Here is an inspirational video I made for the community Room to Imagine! I hope you get inspired to make your own video and share your thoughts with the world. We're listening......

Love, Greenhunter

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Greenhunter's personal fan FB page now online

You are so welcome to LIKE and follow <3

Monday, September 2, 2013

Green city: Aarhus, Denmark

I had the privilege of visiting the city of Aarhus last week with my family. A small and cozy danish city with a very high ratio of urban nature. Also, being the second-largest city in Denmark, Aarhus has a big selection of attractive cultural activites.

For Cultural Creatives like myself I would definitely recommend the modern art museum ARoS, also very popular with young children.

The rainbow walk, main attraction in ARoS

Aarhus was an imporant sea port back in the day

Selfie of the day: Sweater from Swap-market

Another important recommendation is the fabulous green lifestyle shop in the old city: Go Green Biksen. As can be seen in the photos, the shop carries all that is needed for a green everyday life, carefully selected for sustainability in the production. You don't see this kind of shop everywhere, so remember to stop by and support the cause!


For a small city, Aarhus has a strong sustainability profile. Every year the SustaIN Festival Aarhus is held in april. Also, the sustainability PR + communications company World Perfect is co-creating the North Side Festival every year; where eco-friendliness is a high priority.

GoGreen Aarhus is very usable app to find all the green shopping, experiences and restaurants in the city. With time, GoGreen Globe, that are behind it, hope to develop an app for all the cities in the world (now wouldn't that be awesome?).

Also in Aarhus you can find the unique experience of the dress-exchange shop Resecond, where members can swap as many dresses as they like when one's yearly fee is paid. 

Many of these initiatives are currently listed in a big sustainable transition competition and open source database Vores Omstilling - launched by the Danish media. So (Danes) take a look at the webpage and remember to vote for your favourites, or/and to join i initiatives that you want to contribute to!

PS - oh and for kids, Skansen playground as well as the Natural History Museum are a jackpot!

If you ever swing by Denmark, remember to visit the green and cozy city of Aarhus.

Love <3 Greenhunter 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Swap Market in Copenhagen June 2013

This summer in Copenhagen a new sustainable trend has come to life. It's called SWAP MARKETS and it can be described as a mash up of a flea market and the swapping booth found in recycling stations.
This concept is absolutely ingenious and here is how it works: We all have quite a lot of stuff at home that we don't use or use very infrequently (don't we?). And while it's not broken it may also have some affection value, so we just keep it laying around, cluttering our personal space.
But don't despair! A swap market is the solution for both de-cluttering as well as creating a more stable (circular) economy where we don't senselessly buy and throw away things.
And it is simple: a market is set on a fixed day and location by the volunteer swap market staff. They provide all the physical surroundings; tables, chairs, coffee + tea and even a band! Then you show up with all the stuff you don't need anymore and place it on the tables by category: women's clothing, kids' clothing, kitchen stuff, books, electronics, etc.
And then you walk around and TAKE anything you want or need! It's that awesome!! The pictures following are taken at a swap market in Frederiksberg, where Flaskedrengene who are (very fittingly) playing on empty bottles gave a rocking performance! You might think: how good can they be playing acoustically on just bottles but trust me: they were very good! They covered materials from Toto to Rihanna and it sounded great.
So now if you are curious of when the next market will be or want to participate as a volunteer to be a part of making Denmark a more sustainable place check out their blog.

Flaskedrengene (The Bottleneck Boys) giving it up!

Lots of outdoor swapping booths and perfect weather

There was focus on recycling with an exibition 
inside the premises

Dresses had been made out of recycled materials 
and were auctioned away
Here is my catch of the day: 3 pairs of cool plastic shoes,
 as well as a neck tube made of cotton.
 I am wearing a H&M Conscious Collection SS 13 playsuit.
For my son
For my daughter

Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Birthday Wish

Tomorrow - the 1st of July 2013 - I will be 34 years old. While doing the dishes this evening, I realized that the next year of my life had to be extraordinary. That's why I here will post my most personal blogpost so far...and I hope my wish will come true: I wish to let my voice be heard - and for kindred spirits to hear it and be inspired.
So here are a few up close and personal pictures of me - I am a green blogger and part of my blogging is self-style, based on a sustainable apparel choice. Here, I was on my way to a seminar about a Fashion Industry without waste, and I am wearing a black knit top from a Swap Market, a white H&M  Conscious Collection tanktop made of organic cotton, leather-look leggings from Pieces marked by Oeko-tex and a DIY signature GREENHUNTER necklace. The wood piece in the necklace I found while in nature somewhere, and I hope to take time to make more of this kind of jewellery including sustainable materials soon.

And here a couple of pretty raw shots of the 100% ethical catwalk show SUSTAIN at Brigthon Fashion Week 2013. It was a completely mind blowing experience and the first catwalk show I ever officially attended - that's why I made a gazillion beginner's mistakes. But I am still proud of myself for getting a press pass and some of the pictures are not so bad, right? ;-) 

And finally - the two most interesting things that happened in my week - in a two very different ways. Friday afternoon, a driver on the street had a seizure and his car derailed and steered in the direction of me and my companion P. In the last of the last minutes I reacted and moved, and the car only lightly touched us. Others on the busy street of Copenhagen were not so lucky - P later gave me a champagne, she feels like I saved her.

And another of my favourite places right now - Twitter - provided me with a free portion of water-kefir, a symbiosis between probiotic bacteria and yeast. I hope to pay it forward soon if it keeps growing nicely, and also to taste my own Paleo soda tomorrow :-)

My next year of life WILL be fantastic - I hope yours will, too!

Love, Greenhunter <3