Thursday, December 12, 2013

Shop organic cotton at C&A - now on sale!

Hi guys! So I went for an afternoon stroll to the nearest city centre today - I am being an at home mom for the time being, so every day I try to take them somewhere to get these small legs and bodies moving.

As we passed the store C&A I noticed my favorite sign 'SALES' and took them inside right away -since I earlier had discovered that this chain carries styles made of organic cotton as well as a large collection of Oeko-tex marked items. 

As usual, the greatest amount of sales items was in the girls' departement, and I made some great deals with girls' tops in organic cotton for an average of CHF 5 on sale. (We live in Switzerland at the moment and the store is located in Oerlikon by Zürich.)

And what do you know - I even snatched an item for myself in organic cotton - it was the largest kid size and it fits!! I am an size european 40, it has its advantages not being tall sometimes ;)

The kids (aged 4 and 2) also selected something, this time it was pajamas, and even though not made of organic fabric, at least it was Oeko-tex 100.

So tell me - was this information useful to you - do you live near by any C&A outlets? And if you do, would you ever shop there, or is the store not sustainable enough for you? I like to shop there because the prices are very low, and I don't have an personal income at the time being.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, and recommendations for your favorite sustainable fashion outlet!

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