Thursday, May 23, 2013

Beyond Green Economy - SACRED ECONOMICS Conference in Copenhagen

Sometimes your life is changed in most unanticipated ways. And sometimes you do have a premonition about that there is going to be a life changing event in your life - and you make sure that you are in the right place at the right moment. A moment like that happened to me last sunday when I attended the conference BEYOND GREEN ECONOMY @ Copenhagen Business School.

I have for a while now looked into the Transition movement as well as the concept of Circular Economy. Concepts that looked like the only way out of the economic dead end our world is stuck in today - but as much as I wanted to believe these concepts could work I could not entirely understand how? We can not proceed as before, fantasizing about how more economic growth will save us all, when there are clear limits to growth, as there are in any ecosystem. The Earth is no exception - and we have reached the limits of Homo sapiens' growth curve.

What follows can only be a decline until a stable population size is established. When we look at bacteria in a Petri dish, this is merely a scientific fact. But when we look at the human population the prospects become gruelling. Is this what we want? To try to push the limits, until the limits are pushing us back and we are at the point where truly only the strongest survive?

And who will be the strongest at that point? Real human individuals or the power mastodonts of our age: Corporations? It seems as if the corporations already have won the arms race, for we blindly believe that we MUST work harder, longer and in boring & unrewarding corporate jobs, to buy more and more and more things and services that the corporations produce.

Am I not right? Or who do YOU work for? For you? For food to eat, a place to live, time to spend with your family, friends and with yourself? Or for more and more things and services that cost money? And how are we going to cope globally if money ceased to exist in the form and with the financial banking system as we know today?

If there was a Basic Income guaranteed for every human on the planet, will it not result in chaos and competition (more than the chaos and competition already caused by our global economic system)?

Interesting thoughts like these were ewoked during the conference, and especially during the very inspiring talks by Charles Eisenstein, the author of Sacred Economics.

I realized that I was right in believing in that more spirituality in our daily lives was the answer. I realized that I am so right, in my fight against the separation we have endured - from nature, from our children, from our family and friends, and from our own bodies and spirits.

I feel more at peace now. I believe - more now - that things will be alright.

GREENHUNTER will continue to work actively on the green transition of our consumerism, on the reconnection to our true human nature, and the reconnection to our origin: the Universe

Join me in the search for information for a positive future for us. You might want to look into the links posted here, and especially the concepts of: Gift Economy, Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) and read the book Sacred Economics.

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Charles Eisenstein - Author of Sacred Economics
Classic Capitalism encourages people to focus on maximizing their profit on every thing they purchase. Gift Economy makes people focus on maximizing the size of the gift they want to give. Think about it - it's basic human nature :) Wouldn't you act the same way if you considered giving a gift to someone?

Friday, May 17, 2013