Friday, December 20, 2013

Guldsmeden Hotels - Supreme Eco Hosting

Together with my blogteam Shine like a STAR, I was invited to a luxurious organic brunch at the Axel Hotel Guldsmeden in Copenhagen.  I must say I was very impressed - being a green blogger I feel that I have quite a large knowledge of the sustainable businesses, especially around Denmark.

However, prior to that day, Guldsmeden Hotels hadn't been something I had noticed - even though the visit showed an extraordinary commitment to sustainability in the whole hotel's vision as well as mission.

The restaurant alone has a 'The golden Ø' - a label given by the state of Denmark to restaurations serving 90-100% organic food and beverages. A label that very (very) few other places can show off so far in Denmark!

The hotel itself has a very charming, natural atmosphere, furnished by as sustainable objects as possible, all the beauty products used in the SPA and bathrooms were of course organic and natural, their electricity was provided by Natur-Energi (same as mine at home), they are trying hard to minimize food waste, they serve tap water not bottled water, the textiles used in their SPA and bathrooms are organic from the danish company Organic Company.

Also, a very important part of the business plan, is that they treat their employees very well, and make sure that the people working there have the interest for the same vision of sustainability, Guldsmeden wishes to promote. A very socially sustainable step!

Guldsmeden has hotels all over the world, all of them sharing the same vision - so take a peek at the site Guldsmeden Hotels and see if it's there you will spend your next (eco) holiday!

I myself dream of coming to Bali one day, the good thing is Guldsmeden is running a Christmas competition on FB where the main prize is just that!

I wish you a stress-free pre-Christmas weekend - maybe you should stroll through the following beautiful interior pictures to calm your mind.

Love, Greenhunter

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