Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Birthday Wish

Tomorrow - the 1st of July 2013 - I will be 34 years old. While doing the dishes this evening, I realized that the next year of my life had to be extraordinary. That's why I here will post my most personal blogpost so far...and I hope my wish will come true: I wish to let my voice be heard - and for kindred spirits to hear it and be inspired.
So here are a few up close and personal pictures of me - I am a green blogger and part of my blogging is self-style, based on a sustainable apparel choice. Here, I was on my way to a seminar about a Fashion Industry without waste, and I am wearing a black knit top from a Swap Market, a white H&M  Conscious Collection tanktop made of organic cotton, leather-look leggings from Pieces marked by Oeko-tex and a DIY signature GREENHUNTER necklace. The wood piece in the necklace I found while in nature somewhere, and I hope to take time to make more of this kind of jewellery including sustainable materials soon.

And here a couple of pretty raw shots of the 100% ethical catwalk show SUSTAIN at Brigthon Fashion Week 2013. It was a completely mind blowing experience and the first catwalk show I ever officially attended - that's why I made a gazillion beginner's mistakes. But I am still proud of myself for getting a press pass and some of the pictures are not so bad, right? ;-) 

And finally - the two most interesting things that happened in my week - in a two very different ways. Friday afternoon, a driver on the street had a seizure and his car derailed and steered in the direction of me and my companion P. In the last of the last minutes I reacted and moved, and the car only lightly touched us. Others on the busy street of Copenhagen were not so lucky - P later gave me a champagne, she feels like I saved her.

And another of my favourite places right now - Twitter - provided me with a free portion of water-kefir, a symbiosis between probiotic bacteria and yeast. I hope to pay it forward soon if it keeps growing nicely, and also to taste my own Paleo soda tomorrow :-)

My next year of life WILL be fantastic - I hope yours will, too!

Love, Greenhunter <3


  1. SO great that you got to go to the fashion show in London. Looks nice! Was it held in a church?

  2. Yeah, it was held in St. Bartholomew's church. The PERFECT location for a catwalk show: the lightning brought out some eerie details in the surrounding ornaments and also the size and height of the room was awe-inspiring. It made for a very special atmosphere: I loved it! :D We're talking about that it would be great for the Green Catwalk Copenhagen next year to be held in a church as well!